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Nutrition & Wellness Consulting

What do we have to Offer?

Path of Wellness offers customized Nutritional consulting by determining the most appropriate foods for your unique nutritional needs.  A holistic approach is used taking into consideration the whole person, not a one diet fits all approach.  

Addressing YOUR Health Concerns

Do you suffer from.....

Digestive Disturbances?  (Indigestion, IBS, IBD,
Lactose intolerance, Colitis, Celiac disease....)


Confusion or "fuzzy-head"?


PMS or Hot Flashes?



Weight Concerns?

Pregnant or thinking about it?

All of these things can be helped by incorporating a few simple changes to your diet.  All of the information in the media can be overwhelming – how do you know what’s right for you?  A custom plan that is specific to your needs will address your health concerns, and lead you down the path to energy, vitality and wellness.